This felted work was created by the Road Trauma Art Therapy Group. The art therapy group decided on the following words to describe their feelings about the flowers:

symbolise love and devotion

signify dedication

honour that which is soulful

express that which is beyond language

touch something within people, inchoate feelings trying to emerge

stand in for someone, like a candle stands in for the person

act as a healing balm to soothe the senses at times when pain and loss are felt

there is a need for beauty to counter the pain of loss

they express how we remember our loved ones with joy and their spirits have the essence of joy

certain colours are chosen in memory of loved ones

The felting process resembles the journey after trauma. Fibres are gently teased apart and then through a process of rubbing and friction, fibre is transformed into something new- a felted piece of fabric which is colourful, strong and beautiful. This resembles the journey emerging from trauma slowly, gently and then moving through the process of transformation where we become a newly emerged version of our self.