Heartfelt flower garden – This felted work was created by the Road Trauma Art Therapy Group. The felting process resembles the journey after trauma. Fibres are gently teased apart and then through a process of rubbing and friction, fibre is transformed into something new- a felted piece of fabric which is colourful, strong and beautiful. This resembles the journey emerging from trauma slowly, gently and then moving through the process of transformation where we become a newly emerged version of our self. Read about this project

102 messenger birds – 102 Messenger Birds were created by children in 3 Primary Schools in country Victoria. The Birds were gifts for the children who are involved in distance education in remote areas of Queensland. The Primary School children wrote little cheerful messages of hope which were tucked inside each Bird cut out of handmade felt. It was hoped that the Birds would inspire resilience after the difficult start to the school year when severe floods were experienced in remote parts of Queensland. Read about this project

River – A River theme was used for the trauma therapy group, using a process of wet felting. Textured felt creations were created on swirls of silk. The completed “waterfall and river” were displayed in the Queens Hall, Parliament House, Melbourne at the Time for Remembering Ceremony for Road Trauma Support Services. Read about this project

Rituals of remembering – A special art therapy project was undertaken in 2015 with some past and present students of Strathewen Primary School. The aim of the project was to support the children in their response to the Strathewen Memorial and its story of loss and recovery. In addition it aimed to introduce the children to the Blacksmith Tree which is also located in Strathewen and dedicated to all Victorians involved in Black Saturday. Read about this project

The tree of life – This was a project undertaken with the Road Trauma Support Services Victoria. The project focused on creating a tree of life and the women named their tree: the forever tree. This tree embodies feelings of loss, recovery, dedication, love and healing. Read about this project

Strathewen primary school – This project was undertaken at Strathewen Primary School and offered children the opportunity to express their observations of the landscape that surrounded their school and home.  Creative self expression was encouraged using felting techniques. Their tree stands strong and tall reflecting their resilience. Read about this project