About Barbara

Trained as an Art Therapist, Barbara Joyce has worked in community projects that have brought inspirational healing and created a sense of well being in
participants. Arts and Crafts are Barbara’s passion and she has observed their healing power within communities who have suffered grief and traumatic loss. When a firestorm hit Barbara’s hometown of Strathewen in 2009, it was a humble Chook Knitting Project which gave women a way of connecting and brought great comfort to the local school children. Barbara was called the Chook Lady by the community (find out more by watching a video about the project here)

Whether it involves knitting, wet felting, needle felting, or painting, Barbara helps people reweave their life and piece together what has been torn apart.
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About this website


Grailcraft is for those who are seeking healing and inspiration and beauty in their life. Self expression through playful creativity can improve emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It can provide a gentle way of healing and finding pleasure again in life especially after the impact of trauma and grief. In a group setting, creativity can build a sense of belonging and allow individuals to acquire skills.


Grailcraft offers

  • Products for purchase including patterns such as for the Chook Knitting project
  • Examples of inspiring projects
  • Workshops focussing on a variety of felting techniques including wet and dry felting.